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Adel Khozam

Adel Khozam is an Emirati poet and a weekly columnist in Al Ittihad Newspaper. He has worked in the UAE press since the 1980s.[citation needed] Khozam has published around 14 Books in poetry collections and 2 novels, his poems have been translated into several languages. His last novel which was entitled, “Life through the Third Eye”, was translated into English and was well received in the United States.[citation needed] It won the Golden Seal for featured books in literature and was nominated for an Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Publication in America.[1] Khozam composed several melodies and songs for theater and television in the UAE and won several times the best music award from Shariah Festival of Child Theater. He works in Dubai TV channels at Dubai Media Incorporated

Works by the Author

Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim: Between Sunrise and Sunset / Works 1986-2022

Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim

Co-publication with National Pavilion UAE