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Hala Abdel Malak

Hala ABDEL MALAK (b.1979, Lebanon) is a design critic, curator, educator, researcher and strategist. Born in Beirut during the civil war, she grew up, worked, and studied internationally, in Lebanon, USA, Canada, UAE, Holland, UK, Morocco and France before grounding in New York. Abdel Malak’s multicultural background is reflected in her versatile interconnected approach between design and business where she explores work around global dynamics, leadership and societal impact. Her interests span from re-imagining and challenging learning, knowledge production and creative education to include diverse, non-colonial and indigenous perspectives and traditional ecological knowledge, the exploration of global cultural dissonance and flow, the resonance around migration and forced displacement as well as the triggers and implications around designing for resistance, advocacy and revolt. Her work has been featured and published in Print Magazine, Design Indaba, Metropolis, AIGA, Beirut Design Week, NYC x Design, Wanted Design NYC, Smithsonian Media, MOMA and SXSW, where she was awarded the Learn by Design award for her work on refugee education. She is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management and Director of the Strategic Design and Management BBA at Parsons School of Design.

Works by the Author

Beirut: The Eras of Design

Co-edition with MUDAC Lausanne