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Salah Stétié

Salah Stétié is a Lebanese writer and poet. In his native country, he studied at the French Protestant College of Beirut, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and the Graduate School of Arts of Beirut, where he studied Letters and Law under the tutelage of Gabriel Bounoure, whom he considered a spiritual teacher. He then studied Orientalism at the Sorbonne in 1951 under a scholarship. His time in Paris proved influential; he published the books "Le Voyage D'Alep" and "Mercure De France", and became friends with a number of French poets including Yves Bonnefoy. In 1955 he returned to Lebanon where taught at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Arts of Beirut, and the University of Beirut, where he taught until 1961 when his diplomatic career began.

Works by the Author

Chaouki Choukini: Corpus

Kevin Jones, Salah Stétié

Co-edition with Green Art Gallery